Interviewing at the Rubery Youth Centre 50th Anniversary in 2006

The full team - Ryan, Kelly, Andy, Nathan and Me

Josie, news reporter, shows off our home for live coverage on the final day in June 2006

Improving relations between the community and Police won Nic an award in 2005

If you’re here, then it’s a good guess that you’ll either be looking for information on the project or you were after information about the sleepy suburban village itself. If you’re after the latter, then you’re a few years too late I’m afraid. 

The project started out in around August 2001, with a self-penned story about bollards and pretty much ran on from there. By June 2006 when we closed the doors and went off our separate ways, the site was run by a team of 20 or so under 18s and was receiving around 250,000 hits per anum.


We finished up in 2006 with then-innovative live reporting of events online, with “RV Festival Live” – an event attended by just under 2,000 people which we’d co-organised with a committee of locals and which still runs to this day.

“When Nic Parkes was 11 years old he found that his young age was preventing him from getting work experience as a journalist, a career he had his heart set on. But instead of accepting that he would have to put his ambitions on hold, he went home, built a website, and began aggregating news about the village where he lived. “
Oliver Luft,

In 2005, as the site was at its peak, Nic was awarded the ‘Good Citizen Award’ by West Mercia Police for the site’s contribution to improved relations between Police and the local community in the village.

Key Achievements

    • Produced around 100 new ultra-local news pieces each month from a team of 20 writers and editors
    • Provided live online coverage of local events in 2006 – before most traditional media had come up with the idea
    • Nic & the management team made the news too – creating events like Rubery Festival and FridayLive
    • Beat the local press at its own game – more popular than the Bromsgrove Standard’s website

The site closed in June 2006. For more information on me, please take a look at my CV

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